How To Make Your Website Less Boring

“You have something in your teeth.”  There is rarely another phrase in normal social interactions that will elicit an immediate response (i.e., looking in the mirror and getting that piece of spinach out of your front tooth). Yes, it’s embarrassing, but we need honest, well-meaning people in our lives to help us put our best selves forward. So, with that being said, we may have something to tell you…your website is boring. There are too many clicks to get to the information we need, the overall design is the same as every other local business in town, and those stock photos from 1993 are just not your best look. Hey, we all need a website refresh every few years. Here’s how to get started:

Less is More

You have about 15 seconds to keep someone’s attention on your website before clicking away. This means every element on your page should be intentional and serve a purpose. Focus on a single, clean background image that establishes your unique selling proposition and makes your call to action crystal clear to increase conversions.

Updates are Required

If your website is full of dead links, animated GIFs, or a blog page that was last updated a year ago, visitors will assume you are just as careless with your business. A recent study revealed that incomplete or incorrect content on a website can deter up to 98 percent of shoppers from completing a purchase. Get a quick report card on your domain by running it through a free web performance tool to see where you can improve.

Content is King

If Google ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Search engines crawl your site on a regular basis in order to accurately rank your website on their SERP (search engine results page). Your content should be easily discoverable by users searching for terms relevant to your website. If it’s not, you may not show up in the search results. Billions of searches are being conducted every single day, which means you have the opportunity to capture hyper-specific qualified leads for your business.

If your website is looking more 2009 than 2019, it’s time for an update. There simply is no excuse for boring, text-heavy, poorly designed websites in today’s market. Your website should not only reflect your business goals, it should just plain work when someone visits. Contact the web experts at Tulip Tree Studios to discuss website development, design, and management plans that fit your objectives and budget.