3 Reasons to Start Using Google Search Console

Do you have a website? Then you should be using Google Search Console. What’s that? Yet ANOTHER Google product that will improve our lives and businesses? YES! If you’re not as excited about this tool as we are, you should be. Google Search Console can help you find out a ton of useful information about your website. Even more so, it can help you identify and address website errors quickly. Here are three reasons to start using Google Search Console to optimize your website.

Appear on Google Search results.

This is the ultimate goal, right? Every business wants to appear at the top of the Google search results (without paying for it, of course). While Google Search Console won’t place you at the top of the results, it can help you help Google figure out who you are. Let us explain. Search engines read each page of your website to determine the content and how each page relates to each other. A sitemap is a file you can submit through this tool to provide information about your site. Search engines use this file to more intelligently crawl your site.

Identify technical issues with your site.

Your website is a living, breathing organism of your business. It needs constant care and attention. Google Search Console gives you an in-depth analysis of your site’s speed, mobile usability, structured data enhancements, and more. Keeping your website optimized and up to date may lead to invaluable rich results in search engine results pages. This means less guesswork for Google and more relevant results for users.

Improve your SEO.

Search engine optimization is complex. Google Search Console breaks it down into easy to understand metrics. Understanding what users clicked on to get to your website, how many times they clicked on that query, and which website pages appeared in the search results is imperative to understand more about your audience – and search engines. Maybe you have a search query that is specific to your company. This may result in a query with a low number of impressions, but a high click-through rate. Or maybe a search query has a large number of impressions, but a really low click-through rate. This may be a sign that the query is too generic and you can refine it to be more relevant.

Google Search Console will never give you 100% of the data search engines use to rank your site. However, the data you can access is helpful in learning more about your website and how to analyze your content to make improvements. Contact the experts at Tulip Tree Studios to get started.