Myth: Brand Identity is Just a Logo

We’ve heard this all before. “Brand Identity? Yeah I have a pretty cool lookin’ logo so I guess I’ve got a brand identity.” Let us stop you right there. A brand’s identity goes FAR beyond a logo. A consistent identity is what helps create a dependable customer base and drive business.

Wait, What’s Brand Identity?

A brand identity is a brand’s use of visuals throughout various platforms to evoke recognition and feeling with an intended audience. These platforms can be anything from social media content, to website and business card design, and even bathroom stall advertisements. The utilization of consistent and memorable colors, designs, and tone of messaging across these platforms are how customers distinguish one brand from another. Creating a persona for your brand is what helps turn first-time consumers into loyal, repeat customers.

What's brand identity?

Why are Brand Identities Important?

A brand identity can increase business’s revenue by 23% when used consistently. YES – you read that right. When customers begin to recognize your brand, they become more likely to choose your brand over other, lesser known brands. Repetitive use of color can help improve the recognition between a brand and its audience. Research suggests that color can improve brand recognition by up to 80%. Want to place your brand in the consumer’s top of mind? Use distinctive colors regularly throughout your platforms.

You’ve Convinced Me – How Can I Get Started?

Formulate a brand identity with target audience and intended message in mind. The key is to send messages to the right target audience using cohesive colors and designs. Research plays an important role in ensuring the audience, message and use of colors are accurate and effective. To help know what works and what’s already being used, look into industry trends and competitive brands. Once your research and goals are compiled, get creative! How can you portray similar products and services in a way that makes your clientele choose you over your competitors? Once you’ve got this covered, you’re on a great track to creating an effective brand identity.

Need help getting started? You’re in luck! Our marketing professionals at Tulip Tree Studios can help craft a unique, memorable, and effective persona to best fit your brand.