Top 5 Email Marketing Must-Dos

Email marketing is an extremely helpful marketing tool for any business, big or small. Emails are a space where you can expand upon your brand, draw prospective customers in, and keep existing customers in the loop. When done well, email marketing can be one of the most effective ways of marketing. Want to know the basics of email marketing? Here’s a list of our top 5 tips to take your email game from bland to grand!

1. Create a Captivating Subject Line

A catchy subject line is what’s going to draw your audience in right off the bat. Hundreds of emails are likely passing through your audience’s inbox every week. A memorable subject line is what can make the difference between your audience sending your unopened email to the trash or opening and reading through it. To create an engaging subject, we recommend teasing your audience about what’s inside in about six to seven words. Emails with [DO NOT REPLY] or ALL CAPS spam-looking messaging will likely get your email sent to the trash.

2. Personalize Your Emails by Segmenting Audience Groups

Rarely do clients want to feel categorized into a large, generalized group. Rather, personalize your emails by segmenting your main audience into a few, smaller sets. Think about it – different audience types are going to respond to your email differently. Some may be industry professionals looking to keep up with the latest trends, while others may be looking for information on your services or products. Dividing a larger audience into various categories can help you tailor each message to better entice each audience member to react in different ways.

3. Organize Your Text for Ease of Readability

The key to copywriting for emails is to not assume that readers are going to read and react to each and every word of your email. In all reality, email recipients really only spend a few seconds skimming each email. This is why it’s important to create text hierarchy throughout your email. By taking the main points of your content and making them stand out can both help readers stay interested throughout your email and receive the information they need. Utilizing headings, subheadings, and various callouts of information will help create flow and organization throughout your email, even for the quickest of skimmers.

4. Write Conversationally

Email marketing is far less about business talk, and far more about initiating friendly conversation. Readers want to know you’re a real human, not some business-robot with a sole intention of luring consumers in. Email marketing is meant to be a space where you can expand on your business’s identity to allow clients to get to know your company and what you stand for.

5. Wrap-up with a Call to Action

What’s the purpose of your email? Is it to promote something special on your website, a super cool new product, or a seasonal service? Or is it a way for clients to keep up on what’s happening within the walls of your company? No matter your goal, it’s important to include a call to action (CTA) in your email. Concluding an email with what you want your audience to do now that they’ve read your message is what will both wrap up your email and make it effective.

It’s time to start writing some killer emails now that you’ve got a grip on email marketing. Tulip Tree’s marketing professionals specialize in email marketing and are ready to help you reach and exceed your marketing goals. Need a bit more information or help before getting started? Let’s talk! (Notice that CTA?) ?