Coffee Makes Everything Possible (well, for some of us!).

Are you a coffee addict or require coffee to function throughout the day? We get it! Here at Tulip Tree Studios, we go through more coffee than we’d like to admit. To show our appreciation for International Coffee Day, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite coffee trends that we think you should check out!

Dalgona Coffee

One of the biggest trends to arise from early quarantine days was the trend of Dalgona, or whipped coffee. Unless you quarantined under a rock, you’ve probably seen this trend circulating social media. This trend can be made in 10 minutes with only 5 ingredients: granulated sugar, instant coffee, cold water, milk, and ice.

Black Coffee

Black coffee is definitely the new black. Whether it comes from a Keurig, a fresh pot of coffee at home, or even a tap handle, black coffee is our tried and true. For coffee lovers, you either love black coffee or you hate it- and we’re loving it! (Well, not so much for Whitney.)

Non-Dairy Milk

The non-dairy milk trend is growing and expanding to feature even more flavors and sources of milk. Of course, there’s the basic soy, lactose-free, and almond milk. But have you given cashew, coconut, or macadamia milk a try? These milk substitutes are changing the coffee game with their unique flavors.

Behind every successful business is a substantial amount of coffee. Stop in for a cup of joe and chat with us about ways we can jumpstart your company.