Why 2020 Deserves More Than a 1-Star Review

2020 has been a year of highs, lows, upside-downs, and even a Tiger King. Amongst the chaos, individuals worldwide learned to rapidly adapt and pivot to meet the needs of unique situations. As we come to the end of another year (a.k.a one very long March), we’re looking back on how incredible and innovative individuals truly are. Because we’re glass-half-full people, here are a few of our favorite things that make us think that 2020 deserves more than a 1-star review.

Tiger King Roared Viewers World-Wide

It almost makes us feel nostalgic of a time where Tiger King, puzzles, and daily family walks were all our lives consisted of. The Netflix special definitely put our own lives into perspective, well before the rest of the year overshadowed its craziness. Joe Exotic taught us the importance of…persistence… while Carol Baskin showed us how to bust a serious move on a dance floor. Amongst the worry of what would become of our world in the coming weeks and months, Tiger King united us as a nation as we kept up with the endless drama, secrets, and cats.

Businesses Everywhere Catered to Customers’ Needs

From closed doors to curbside take-out, restaurants were forced to adapt to necessary COVID-19 procedures. Leave it to the restaurant industry to amp-up the creativity during these times. Restaurants began sharing their “secret” recipes and even offering meal kits for customers to make their favorite dishes at home. Customers were often encouraged to share their homemade dishes on social media to encourage other community members to join in. With customers spending exuberant amounts of time every day scrolling through their phones and computers, businesses needed a new, tech-savvy way to reach them. Companies began to take their brands digital by improving their websites, reviving their social media accounts, and investing in digital advertising. Many took to the “uncharted territory” of the internet and were forced to step outside their comfort zones in order to continue engaging with customers when they could no longer do so in-person.

Many Literally “Zoomed” to Zoom Meetings and Google Hangout

“Can everyone see my screen?” should definitely be denoted as 2020’s legendary catchphrase. The boom of Zoom was our saving grace for human interaction, celebrations, school learning, business meetings, and so much more. The video platform took off in 2020, reportedly seeing over 300 million participants world-wide. Zoom used their onset popularity to expand their business to offer a plethora of new programs, partnerships, and capabilities – proving to the world the increased importance of constant innovation.

We’re More Innovative Than We Thought

It’s incredibly important to acknowledge those who’ve struggled, fought, and pushed forward during this past year. 2020 has sucked for most, but how we’ve overcome its challenges deserves to be celebrated. Individuals world-wide deserve endless applaud for the toughness, pursuit, and innovation they’ve shown. As we open the front cover of 2021’s story, what are you looking forward to? As you reflect, set goals, and continue the innovation and creativity set by brands world-wide, please connect with our team of marketing professionals. We’re eager to help your business stand-out from the crowd with fresh and new marketing strategies.