Networking Roulette (The Whos, Whats, and How Tos)

Please be aware that as of 11.3.2021 we have decided to discontinue Networking Roulette for the foreseeable future.

Wait, What is Networking Roulette?

We get this question a lot, and understandably so. Networking Roulette was really our brainchild after finding limited success in crowded Zoom calls, where getting a word in is few and far between.

Why call it “Networking Roulette?”

Networking = because it’s networking (duh…)

Roulette = because you won’t know who you’ll be meeting with until
you enter the Zoom call (who doesn’t like a little mystery??)

Essentially, it’s a laid-back opportunity to make new and meaningful connections with other local professionals in a small-group setting in today’s now-almost-entirely-virtual world. Oh, and did we mention it’s 100% free??

Each of our calls are held with a total of four professionals – one call facilitator from Tulip Tree Studios to help keep any awkwardness at bay, and three other local professionals who we not-so-randomly assign each week. We match groups up based off industry and compatibility to help participants get the most out of each call and hopefully meet people that can help boost referrals for them.

To break it down further, Networking Roulette goes like this…

1. You Join the Facebook Page

The meat and potatoes of Networking Roulette is truly held within the Facebook group. This private group is the central information hub for Networking Roulette. Professionals are encouraged to “plug” their businesses and share valuable information with other members, while allowing us a place to share Networking Roulette updates and announcements.

FYI – when joining the page, you’ll be prompted to share your email and business info. Don’t be alarmed, this is so we have a better idea of who to pair you with and to communicate with you via email about Networking Roulette call information.

2. You Turn on Your Page Notifications

Every Monday at 11am, a link is posted on the Facebook page where group members can submit their availability for the following week’s calls (yes, we know this can be confusing, but we feel it’s best to #planahead). To make sure you see each week’s links, we suggest you turn on your page notifications so Facebook can alert you when the links go live. If you have any questions, please contact our all-star marketing team and we’d be happy to help.

3. You Sign Up After The Link Drops

Once the weekly sign-up link goes live on Monday, you’ll have until Thursday at noon to submit your availability to participate in the next round of Networking Roulette calls. So, to really break this down, each Monday, a link will be dropped where you can submit which calls you’d like to participate in for the following week. You’ll have 4-5 options of days and calls to choose from. You can select just one, or if you’re feeling ambitious – you can select multiple or even all of the options given. Once you submit your information, our team receives it and uses it to pair you into your groups.

4. You Receive Your Call Assignments via Email

After you submit your availability using the sign-up link, you’ll receive an email with your Zoom information and a calendar invite for the call(s) you’ve been assigned to at the end of the week. This will come directly from your call’s moderator. Make sure to add your call to your calendar!

FYIIf life happens and you’re no longer able to make your call, this will be the person you alert so we can fill your space (to ensure your group members still get the most out of the call as well).

5. You Zoom for a Half Hour

Once you’ve joined your call via the link provided in the email from your moderator (see Step 4), enjoy the relief of the laid-back (and FUN) conversation that Networking Roulette offers! Each 30-minute call allows you the opportunity to casually network with other professionals you may or may not have ever met in a mass networking setting.

6. You Receive a Post-Call Email

After each call, your moderator (us) will send you an email with your group members’ contact information and an anonymous survey so you can really tell us how we’re doing. If after your call, you want to learn more about your group members and moderator, send out an invitation to connect! Your Tulip Tree moderator would be more than happy to meet again one-on-one via Zoom.

7. You (Hopefully) Repeat

After your first Networking Roulette call, we hope you’ll want to join in again and again. Before your next call, make sure to help Networking Roulette grow by inviting your friends and colleagues to the Facebook group!

Sound like fun? Then head on over to our Facebook group and request to join! If it still doesn’t quite make sense, don’t hesitate to contact any of us at Tulip Tree – we’ll be happy to walk you through your first go at it. We all know the first time is the hardest, but once you’re in, you’ll be a connection-creating fiend in no time.