What Is Digital Word Of Mouth?

Word-of-mouth is a marketing strategy that has been around forever. Usually, it’s fair to say “word-of-mouth” involves someone verbally recommending a product or service to friends and family. However nowadays, everything seems to be digital. You can shop online, order food online, have doctor appointments online, and fall in love online. It’s no different for marketing. With social media, businesses have endless possibilities to market themselves in the digital world.

Social media is where people search for products and services, talk about their lives, and share opinions on everything. These conversations that happen on social media platforms -even if seemingly one-sided- are the newest form of the word-of-mouth strategy. Let’s look at what causes these conversations and why having social media for your business is an essential part of marketing in 2021.

Benefits of Having Social Media for Your Business:

  • Promoting your content to a wider market online
  • Increase traffic to your website or any links you include in your profiles and posts
  • Learn about your audience and have open communication with them
  • You can instantaneously announce sales or new products/services
  • Allow your audience to link others to your business

Ways People Talk About your Business Online:

  • Online Reviews
    • Having people review your product or service can do wonders for your business. Reviews shows proof that people have bought your product or service, builds trust with your customers, and makes you more visible. Reviews prompt conversations about your product or service and are left there for other people to see.
    • Even bad online reviews have benefits to you. A review can tell you what your audience is expecting from you and what things that you can improve on with your future products and services. You can take it as helpful criticism, rather than a rude comment.

  • Influencer Marketing
    • Using an influencer to market your product or service will help you reach a new audience that already has built trust into that influencer and increases your brand awareness. Influencers create conversations online and offline which are incredibly effective in persuading potential customers to go through with the purchase.

  • Online Campaigns
    • Creating an online advertising campaign will create interest and traffic to your profiles and websites. Having a paid ad campaign allows for the platforms to get your content in front of the right people that will then eventually create leads.

  • Two-Way Communication
    • Social Media allows you to respond to people’s messages and comments, unlike TV commercials or print ads. By communicating directly, you humanize your brand and allow potential customers to connect with you. Building online relationships with your followers will build loyalty to your business as well.

Need help with stirring up conversation about your business online? Hiring an agency can help get the digital word of mouth started and stay consistent on your social media platforms. If you are interested, email Tulip Tree: info@tuliptree-studios.com