How to Increase Traffic to Your Website from LinkedIn

Once you have achieved the basic steps on LinkedIn, you can dive deeper into the next steps that are listed below. The basic steps are making sure to have your profile completed, made a decent number of connections, and are consistently active on your LinkedIn page.

Steps To Increase Traffic

  1. Join Targeted Groups

Why: There are more than 1.5 million groups on LinkedIn, so it’s best to search for groups that fit the target market of your business. You also can join groups that will be valuable for your education and to connect with like-minded people. LinkedIn groups have been known to be an incredible online networking opportunity for businesses.

How: To join a group, click in the Interest tab, and then select groups in the drop-down menu.

2. Create Your Own Group

Why: Another step you can take, is to create your own target group. This is a great way to build trust, and develop a good reputation as a leader within the industry you are in.

How: When you create a group you can pick the theme, invite members, and create guidelines for the group to follow. You have the control on what can be brought to this group and what can come out if it.

3. Make Valuable Content

Why: Creating content that people find valuable is extremely important on LinkedIn. This platform is the professional version of Facebook, where businesses and people come to learn and network on the professional level. Helping other businesses, clients, and friends will help you out as well.

How: Check out Tulip Tree’s social media problem-solving post on LinkedIn for a good example of providing value to your audience within a post: Tulip Tree Studios.

4. Invite More Connections

Why: Growing your connections mean growing your potential new business, growing your traffic, and growing you online word on mouth.

How: Make sure you connect with as many people as you can! Go through your client list, add people you meet at networking event, and don’t forget to add your businesses partners as well.

Take these steps to increase your LinkedIn traffic and run. You know what to do now, don’t let anyone stop you from gaining all the benefits that these steps can get you. Want more marketing knowledge? Click here to find more blogs like this on the Tulip Tree Website.