The Best Content for Social Media

Social media has become one of the most essential tools for businesses to market themselves in 2022. A business can gain trust, prospective clients, and build a following through any of the social media platforms. But it’s not as easy as just having an account and posting randomly when you find the time. Social media has many different aspects to consider and learn about if you want it to be effective.

We’ve done a deep dive on 3 content strategies to add to your existing efforts that should work well on any platform of social media.


We are sure you have heard that most platforms are “no longer just picture sharing platforms” … Well, that statement is pretty accurate with some exceptions. If you are on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you may have realized that videos have become so popular that the platforms have developed their very own tab for video content that allows the user to only scroll through videos. Video content has become one of the most valuable styles of content to add to your existing static graphics and photos if you are looking to grow on social media. We know that videos have also been known to be very intimidating for people who did not grow up with social media platforms like the ones we have today, so we thought we would give you a little extra help with listing a few prompts that are easy and can be created quickly:

  • Birthday videos of employees.
  • Video tour to show off your office.
  • List the services that you provide, or products you make.
  • Showcase what problems your service/products solve.

Examples of videos that Tulip Tree has done on our social media: video examples


Even though videos are the star performers as of late, personal photos still can gain a lot of engagement and regular celebratory events can be a great way to force you to regularly post. Making an effort to celebrate your employees or business for anniversaries, workiversaries, or birthdays usually does really well on the social media platforms. This kind of content is more likely to be engaged with by other employees, friends, and family, which also means it will be shared to an audience that is bigger than your following.

Using a photo of that employee or team will always do better than a graphic or photo that just says, “happy birthday, Gus!” because people will be more engaged with photos of people they may recognize or can finally put a name to a face with.


So… Did you by chance come across this blog by clicking on a link from a social media post or email? Well, if you did, you are your own proof that posting guides, blogs, or tips will get people to interact with your social media (and subsequently end up on the business website).

People are drawn to knowledge and bettering their skills in whatever it is that they are working on. By posting blogs with actual valuable information, it increases your chances that a social media user will like, comment, or share the post you created.

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