Our Work

Brand Management

As a business grows, changes, and evolves, its brand must do the same. Brand management involves managing a company’s brand reputation and improving the perception of its brand in a way that builds brand awareness and loyalty. This is different than branding, which is the process of building a brand. Brand management is the process of monitoring and maintaining it in an effort to retain and attract customers.

What We Did

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Branding & Identity

Logo & Brand Identity

Crafting a unique and specific brand identity for Valor Mechanical required critical thinking, intentionality, and intimate knowledge of the company’s goals and core values. Our goal was to differentiate them from the competition and create a brand experience that encouraged their target audiences to engage with them.

Residential Sales Materials

We established a toolkit of residential marketing collateral to help reach Valor Mechanical’s current and prospective residential clients. These tangible and branded materials strengthened their brand awareness within this target market.


I wanted the brand of my business to demonstrate to my audience that we're not your typical mechanical contractor.

–Ty Bestor
Valor Mechanical President, CEO


Commercial Collateral

The commercial sector of this company required a more in-depth approach to marketing. We dove into B2B marketing tactics to develop custom sales materials built for converting new business relationships.

Fleet Graphics

Valor Mechanical’s staff and field team work on-location throughout their service area. Our vehicle wraps and graphics were a natural component of their overall brand management as we helped establish their identity community-wide.

TT.Website.CaseStudy.BrandManagement.Valor.Website copy


In this highly competitive industry, we knew this website had to stand out in order to capture the attention of potential customers. We focused on a custom home page navigation using design elements from the Valor Mechanical logo. The interior pages feature employees, project photos, and copy to maintain Valor Mechanical's reputation and ensure people experience it in an intentional way.


Employees are an extension of the Valor Mechanical brand. Branded apparel creates brand awareness, familiarity, and promotes company culture. People associate brands with experiences. When clients have a positive experience with the Valor brand, they are more likely to partner with Valor for future services.


The Results

Valor Mechanical’s reputation has been built by continually iterating on their overall brand experience. This consistency has contributed to the development of loyal customers and positioned the company for long-term growth.