Our Work


Marketing brochures can be an effective and versatile marketing tool to inform potential and current customers of your services or products. From simple and straightforward to unique and interactive, we can help you develop a custom brochure. Brochures are well worth your consideration when building out your marketing strategy.

What We Did

  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting

Home Remodeling Contractor

For Bricewood, the beauty is in the details. This brochure puts the remodeling projects front and center. Potential clients can easily see the quality craftmanship which is backed up by testimonials and an overview of standards and experience.

Boutique Community

Maintenance-free living is growing in popularity and The Neighborhood is a highly sought-after community. This unique die-cut brochure details the amenities, available lots, and lifestyle residents will experience.


Schools & Education

This brochure helps parents and students understand more about what Lourdes High School offers. The curriculum, special programs, extracurricular offerings, teacher-student ratios, and more are detailed. Plus, photos of the facilities, staff, and campus show an overview of what parents and students can expect.

Hotel Brochures

The St. James Hotel is a historic, boutique hotel that utilizes brochures to inform current and potential guest about accommodations, dining options, and local attractions. These are displayed in high foot traffic areas and within the hotel’s amenities. The beautiful, full-color photos provide insight into the overall guest experience.


Glass Fabricator

This interactive brochure is a stunning resource to help clients choose the best architectural glass product for their next project. We matched the personality and style of Northwestern Glass Fab to create an interesting and functional marketing tool.

Southeast Minnesota Together

Labor and workforce issues are complex and affect business across all industries. We designed a unique invitation for SE MN Together that would appeal to local business owners facing these issues and offer solutions.


Accounting & Consulting Services

MedCity Consulting needed a brochure to market their services to local business owners. We designed this marketing tool to highlight the company’s competitive difference, professionalism, and ability to solve a problem for potential clients.

The Results

Printed brochures are a simple and effective tool to add to your overall marketing strategy. A multi-platform, integrative strategy should include tangible and digital that complement each other. Flyers, brochures, and posters can be just as effective as websites and social media graphics.