Our Work

B2B Marketing

Business to business (B2B) marketing strategies rely on the same basic principles as business to consumer (B2C) marketing but are implemented in a unique way. B2B marketing focuses on the needs, interests, and challenges of individuals who are making buying decisions for their organization. Return on investment (ROI) is a primary focus of corporate decision-makers. Therefore, a B2B marketing strategy requires thoughtful planning, execution, and management.

What We Did

  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Copywriting
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Paint Program Catalog

Knowing that a white page full of 1"x1" swatch squares wouldn't effectively communicate their new paint finishes, we created a custom catalog for Valley Design, a table base component manufacturer. This "look book" approach not only showcased the new powder coat paint colors available but also brought the quality and variety of their finishes (and products!) to life.

As a supplier to other manufacturers, our main challenge is showing our OEMs how they could use our components in different ways within their product offerings. Tulip Tree markets our products in a way that helps our clients understand different application options available.

– Luke Isensee
Business Development Manager

Interactive Sales Collateral

With the goal of showcasing the variety of table bases Valley Design manufactures, we developed an interactive and memorable marketing piece to help their clients envision the vast range of product offerings.


Email Marketing

We focused on establishing a B2B email marketing strategy that focused on creating and sending content that educates the recipient. This tactic put customers in a better buying position by telling them about the product and the problem it solves, before moving on to selling the product.

B2B Website

In the B2B environment, accessibility of information is key. To give their clients unfettered access, their website was strategically developed as an informational hub for all products, capabilities, technical specifications, downloadable resources, and more – complemented with robust searchability through tags and categories.

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B2B Blog

State-side manufacturers compete with a global market. Our goal for Valley Design was to consistently position them as domestic supply chain leader with superior products, expertise, and customer service.

The Results

In order to remain competitive, we are constantly assessing Valley Design’s B2B marketing strategies and finding ways to improve. By continually gathering and utilizing data on performance across a wide range of marketing efforts, Valley Design stays ahead of the competition.