Our Work

Customer acquisition marketing

Acquisitions and mergers are commonplace in business and each comes with unique formats, reasons, and circumstances. Regardless of the details, a sound marketing strategy following a change within a company is crucial to ensuring that current customers are informed and retained.


A large mechanical company was trusted by a smaller mechanical company to take their company torch and acquire their customer list for future service needs. To thoroughly communicate the transitioning of service, we implemented a campaign that included three mailings to the customer mailing list. The goal was to provide awareness about the transition as well as assurance and education about the future of their service options.

What We Did

  • Marketing
  • Print Advertising

Mailing 1

The first mailing was designed to announce the transition. A personal message from the previous owners was written to include company history, reasons for choosing their successor, gratitude for their customers, and assurance they'll be well taken care of.

Mailing 2

The second mailing was designed as a personal message form the new company. It outlined core values, introduced the team, and reinforced their commitment to continue providing excellent service they're used to.


Mailing 3

The final mailing was designed to provide more information about services offered by the new company. The call to action outlined a season-appropriate checklist and next steps for hiring their team.

The Results

The three mailings provided the ability to be able to share each important component of the decision to transition the customer list - the previous company cares about their customers, the new company is ready to continue great service and information about what's next. The messaging helped customers feel confident that they will continue to be taken care of - regardless of the company name. This awareness about the transition created confidence that each customer is valued and education about who to turn to when they need service. This component of the strategy was combined with a website landing page, email marketing message, and collateral for the previous owners to distribute in-person with their customers.