Our Work

Digital Advertising

Tulip Tree Marketing has a full suite of digital solutions to suit any advertising budget. From search results to targeted display to social media and more, our certified team can develop an advertising solution to help meet your business goals. Digital advertising provides real-time reporting and analysis, which means a campaign’s effectiveness can be enhanced and refined as it is running. This allows placement and investment decisions to be agile and data-driven, making them easier to quantify and refine.

What We Did

  • Digital Advertising
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Lawn & Landscaping Company

Creative Curb Appeal is a local lawn and landscaping company with goals of promoting seasonal servings and booking more jobs. We designed graphics using actual project photos and researched specific keywords to reach their desired outcome.

Event Promotion

A local member association wanted to attract a younger demographic for their annual Home Show. Through our research, we identified a specific target audience and promoted this event through multiple digital platforms to achieve this goal.

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Mental Health Services

This non-profit facility needed to promote its new telehealth services due to unexpected changes in how they serve their clients. We quickly and effectively created search engine and social media ads to capitalize on this swift change in service.

Custom Home Builder

New home construction is a highly competitive industry. Meier Companies had a goal of promoting their unique market value while converting new clients. Using specific audience and demographic targeting methods along with high-quality project photos, we increased their brand awareness online.

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The Results

Based on each company’s unique goals, we were able to increase overall brand awareness, generate leads, and create key conversions. One of the advantages of digital advertising is the agility in which we can optimize messaging and the granular level we can reach each target audience using in-depth data.