Our Work

Landing Pages

A landing page can be a useful tool. Launching a start-up and cash is a little low? Don’t want to pay thousands to build out an entire site? Hate your current website and looking for a quick change? A basic landing page might be right up your alley. A website that houses all your necessary info on one page!

What We Did

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design & Development

We had a granite and quartz business come to us after ending their month-to-month website “lease” with another company, that needed a new website put up ASAP. To help them capture their brand and offerings – and quickly – we designed a straight-to-the-point single page website (aka a landing page) in a short two-week timeframe that showcased its services, brand partners, and project portfolio.

Tulip Tree landing page headers and footers.

Headers &

To make the first and last look pop, we implemented a simplistic (yet eye-catching) header image and a clean (yet informational) footer.

About Us

To help prospective customers understand their offerings, two sections to outline the steps of the process and product options  (linked to suppliers, of course)   were included.

And since everyone loves visual examples for inspiration, we also added a simple project portfolio to showcase a sampling of the variety of project types they have completed. This portfolio can be easily updated to showcase      future projects.

Tulip Tree Marketing landing pages about us
Tulip Tree Marketing landing page call to action

Call to Action

What good is a website that doesn’t generate leads? Even this short and sweet landing page gets right to the point of directing interested parties to make an inquiry via a form submission or phone call. Bada-bing, bada-boom!

The Results

In a very short time, they went from having no website to going live with an easy-to-use landing page that has the critical information their prospective clients are searching for online. Topped with a personalized look to fit their brand and the ability to edit/adjust the page in the future (with or without our help). Now, let the marketing begin with link referrals from social media, digital advertising, Google business profile, and more.