Our Work

Leave-Behind Marketing Materials

What is leave-behind marketing material? No need to overthink this one – it’s typically print material or branded items that you hand out or leave-behind, literally. These items are created to be remembered by your future customer, employee, partner, etc. even after they leave the room. Memorable leave-behind marketing material can be the key to making a lasting impression and promote follow up.

Types of leave-behind marketing material

Business Cards – Brochures – Calendars – Flyers – Folders – Notepads – Pens – Promotional Items – Sell Sheets – Stickers

What We Did

  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting

We worked with a top representative for lighting manufacturers to create leave-behind marketing material that will light up (get it?) every room – even if they are no longer physically there to represent.

Leave Behind Brochure


In an effort to inspire college graduates to consider their company as a career option, we created a unique accordion die-cut career handout to outline information about the company, culture, benefits, and how to join the team. Coupled with unique folds and photos of happy and engaged employees, it will serve as an informative reminder that this is a quality career option.

Twists Brochure

To outline and illustrate their comprehensive and high-quality offerings, we put together a proven process leave-behind chock full of information about their expertise, services, and values. With a goal to position them as a superior option, we created a distinctive look with unique and engaging folds to create an unforgettable user experience.

Accordian Brochure
Business Card

Business Card

Even though we didn’t lead with this, a business card is age-old leave-behind you must have – a personal connection creates an invitation into your business door. So, in a sea of business cards, how did we help them stand out? It may sound simple, but we created a memorable look and feel. The look is complete with lively colors and angles, and linen paper we printed on is representative of their high-quality services.

The Results

Whether it’s print collateral or branded promotional items, there are several options to choose from for leave-behind marketing material. We worked to select key high-quality and memorable pieces to promote follow up.