Our Work

Logo & Brand Identity

Your company's logo, identity items, and brand guidelines all make up the integral base components to manage your brand while marketing your company for years to come. Consistency is key when it comes to color palette, fonts, layouts, logo usage, and more. Establishing a solid base for your brand should always be unique to you, well thought-through, and, of course, well-designed.

What We Did

  • Graphic Design
  • Branding & Identity

Electronic Security Business

When the technology-driven products sold by Assured Security were advancing far beyond the outdated logo, they came to us with. To advance the public perception of the company and its relevancy, we created a more current brand identity to align with their ever-evolving product offerings and their ever-evolving audience.

Furniture & Flooring Store

After Billmyer Furniture changed ownership, the new owners wanted an updated brand to reflect their unique personality and direction for the business. By updating their logo, establishing new brand guidelines, and redesigning their identity items, the new owners had the fresh-take on a long-standing brand that they could be proud to promote for years to come.


European Auto Service Center

Werkstatt came to us with their vision well before their business opened its doors. As an auto shop that services solely European-made vehicles, they wanted a brand that seemed as sleek and sophisticated as the cars European manufacturers produce. Blurring the lines between classic models and modern innovation, we designed a brand and identity as unique to Werkstatt as the Beetle is to Volkswagen.

Excavation Company

As a machine-operating construction company providing excavation services in Texas, the brand took shape in the more literal sense. With a nod to both the locale and the industry, Texas Yellow Iron's brand and identity were a physical representation of the company's credibility and professionalism.


Machine Importer & Distributor

As a newly established distributor of high-quality forestry products from Finland, Metsa Machines needed a brand that helped communicate their mission. By helping them establish a business name that literally translates to "forest" in Finnish and designing a logo with a unique but recognizable nod to the tree industry, we helped establish a brand that sets them apart and showcases their strengths at the same time.

The Results

Every logo design and identity established is unique to each company in order to effectively and consistently communicate their brand. Through intentional and strategic brand design and guidelines, a company can influence the public's perception successfully and cohesively communicate their brand story throughout all future marketing efforts.