Our Work

Marketing Campaign

Winona County PartnerSHIP exists to help local residents live longer, healthier, and better lives through several focused initiatives. A marketing campaign was developed to to Winona County residents and employees aware of the work this organization does and is doing on a regular basis. The goal was to reach their target audience in a variety of ways and involve a combination of awareness strategies including networking, printed collateral, event participation, blogs, social media, and more.

What We Did

  • Marketing
  • Website Design & Development
  • Branding & Identity
  • Print Advertising

Logo & Brand Identity

SHIP is the acronym used by the Minnesota Department of Health when referencing their Statewide Health Improvement Partnership. It is this program that allows the Winona County PartnerSHIP to work on their main initiatives. This logo incorporates light, friendly colors with a thought bubble that encourages residents to talk about the importance of this program.


The Winona County PartnerSHIP websites acts as a comprehensive resource guide for the community. We designed this eye-catching, easy to navigate site with functionality and engagement in mind.


Social Graphics & Content

Facebook content and graphics were developed to include information about all local events and initiatives. We incorporated healthy lifestyle facts, local and national wellness days, outdoor events, and more. The posts focused on engagement, calls to action, and content to invoke drive, initiative, and motivation.

Printed Materials

To drive awareness within the community initiatives, we developed a branded sticker. This was utilized throughout Winona County and provided a durable and versatile solution to showcases the organizations efforts.


Billboard Advertising

We designed multiple billboards for placement throughout the county focused on promoting healthy lifestyles. Utilizing consistent branding and messaging, these provided increased brand awareness and important initiative information.

The Results

This comprehensive marketing campaign resulted in the design and launch of a new brand and identity, the creation and cultivation of an engaging Facebook page, the design, development, and launch of a website, and the development and distribution of targeted email marketing. All of these efforts contributed to the success of the Winona County PartnerSHIP organization and their ongoing initiatives.