Our Work

Nonprofit Marketing

Marketing usually boils down to one goal: here's something you want, now buy it from us. However, when it comes to nonprofit marketing, the consumer is not getting a product in return. While for-profit businesses use marketing to sell services or goods and generate profits, nonprofits use marketing to raise money and fund their mission. The bottom line is that both need revenue. And that requires an effective and memorable marketing strategy.

What We Did

  • Marketing
  • Website Design & Development
  • Copywriting

Brochures & Rack Cards

Relationship-building is essential to any successful marketing strategy. Nonprofits need their audience to feel a connection to the cause they are supporting. A nonprofit brand should build awareness and develop trust and loyalty with target audiences. This can be achieved through consistent messaging and branding.


There are three main audiences for this site: clients, referents, and donors. The goal was to create a user-friendly experience while establishing a feeling of inclusion and hope. The navigation was strategically tailored to appeal to all three audiences using consistent fonts, colors, and other design elements within the brand guidelines.

TT.Website.CaseStudy.Nonprofit.ZVHC.Website copy
TT.Website.CaseStudy.Nonprofit.ZVHC.SM3 copy

Social Media Marketing

The words used in nonprofit marketing campaigns are key to successfully communicating a message. In the mental health industry, certain messaging may affect a person’s sense of self and lead to an increased feeling of stigma. It's important to consider the cultural background, age, and impairment experienced. These considerations will help develop a strength-based, supportive language to speak to each target audience.

The Results

A nonprofit marketing plan may be similar to a for-profit marketing plan, but it does require a different approach. This systematic marketing method resulted in an increase in traffic, funds, and awareness for this nonprofit.