Our Work

Social Media Kit

For some businesses, social media marketing is the primary source of communication with current and future customers. While the first goal is to create social media content that is enticing enough to engage with (i.e. like, comment, or share), it’s important to remember that consistency is key when trying to make a memorable impact. Social media kits (a.k.a. a library of branded graphics, a plug and play plan, and/or a bunch of templates to use for posts/stories/reels) are an efficient and effective way to build a professional, cohesive, and consistent social media presence that not only makes things easier for you, but easier for your colleagues and your customers to help broaden your reach, too.

What We Did

  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting

Engagement Strategy

We created a social media kit for a long-standing expo filled with vendors who are passionate about the Earth. Both the event organizers and the vendors involved were equally motivated to market the event (more attendees = more awareness/business opportunity), so we needed to ensure that everyone’s marketing was cohesive and consistent to be effective.

Branded Graphics

Social media marketing is complex, but at the core are cover photos, post images/graphics, and copy. These elements helped increase engagement and allowed the event organizers to easily monitor and track the success of the media kit use.

Social Media Kit Template

Post Planning

In an effort to continue the heavy lifting and purpose of the social media kit, Tulip Tree planned out the dates, captions (including emojis), and which graphics to go in the post.

The Results

Too many times, social media marketing gets put on the back burner because of limited time and resources. By investing in a social media kit for their vendors, the expo organizers drastically increased their marketing team and marketing reach for their event, while keeping consistency in check.