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The Branch

We believe in open source marketing. Our goal is to provide the most researched, up-to-the-minute marketing information to any business, individual, or organization. Why? Because our success is directly tied to your success. Entrepreneurs from all industries should have the ability to continually improve marketing services and methods while delivering on immediate and long-term goals.

Five Website Myths You Need to Know About

Nowadays, many businesses without a solid website struggle more than those that do. Building a website can be intimidating, especially since there’s so much contradicting information about website “best-practices” out…

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using AI in marketing and content creation

Should You Be Using AI in Marketing?

You’ve heard the buzz going around that AI (artificial intelligence) is the future… Don’t worry. This isn’t another spiel on how AI is taking over the world – it’s one…

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Google Business Profile

Make the Most of Your Google Business Profile

Gone are the days of looking up businesses in the Yellow Pages. Now small business owners need a more modern approach to making their business information accessible. With online business…

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3 Reasons You Should Use Company Greeting Cards

Being we’re in the depths of the digital age, physically mailed greeting cards may seem like an unnecessary waste of paper. In fact, why should you use them at all…

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