We’ve created a better way to network. Start developing deeper professional relationships by signing up for Networking Roulette.

"I like these short meetings. I think it’s a great platform for networking."
-  Jacob P.

"Networking Roulette is a really great way to connect with other businesses. I have been able to make new connections in a style that is fun and new."              - Mike S.

It's Not For Everyone

This group is meant for business professionals who are sick of mass networking events, Zoom calls with 50+ participants, and networking with the exact same group of people over and over and over again.

Networking is essential for all small (and large) businesses. We created this group to help businesses tap into this massive marketing medium. It’s not about pushing your product or service. It’s about offering a space for local business owners to create referral sources, new business partnerships, and prospects.

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How It Works


  1. You join Networking Roulette – it's FREE (no cost and no obligation).
  2. We post a new signup link every week within the group.
  3. Let us know when you're available and we'll assign you to a call.
  4. You get introduced to 3 new business professionals in a super convenient 30-minute Zoom call.
  5. Grow your network and your business relationships with each call.

    Why You Should Join


It's only 30 minutes.

You can join a call from anywhere (with WiFi).

You will be matched new people every time.

No awkward food lines or cash bars.

The calls are all during normal business hours.

We screen all the members to ensure they will provide value to the group.

Ready To Join?

Real Talk

We know what's going on in the world can't be solved with a fun networking group. But we also know businesses need whatever support they can get right now. That's why we developed a free solution to grow your network in a fun, easy, and unique format. Get to know the Tulip Tree Marketing team. When you need us, we're here for you.

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