Top 5 Reasons Your Site Should Have A Blog

You may be questioning whether your website should have a blog, and the bottom line is… it probably should. Blogging can not only help drive new traffic to your website, but it can also cultivate deeper relationships with your clients by building trust and credibility. Not convinced? Here are the five top reasons why we recommend a blog on your website:

1) Drive More Specific Traffic to Your Website

While your website’s main content should bring in traffic on its own, a blog page can help drive even more thanks to more detailed, relevant, and fresh content being added to your site with each new blog post. Blog topics that are related to a specific problem will typically serve you best, as they should pull in those looking for a solution to a problem that your main content may not answer as well (and perhaps your competitors are overlooking). This opens the door to tailoring each post to what your customers are specifically needing from you, and/or interested in learning more about.

2) Share Your Industry Expertise

When your blog posts appear near the top of Google searches, you’ll be perceived as an expert in your field on the specific issue or topic, and it prompts trust and credibility with your prospective clients. By using blog posts to share industry advice, tips, tricks, and more, it shows your current and potential customers that you know your stuff and they are in the right hands.

3) Built Rapport with Your Customers

Blogs can be used not only to share expert knowledge and information but also as an effective, personal way to help build connections with your customers and inform them about what’s happening with your business. Whether you’re providing informal business updates, or even sharing personal employee accolades and interviews, blogging is a great avenue to share the more human side of your business, which helps foster client relationships.

4) Infuse More Relevant Keywords into Your Site

Keywords are essentially the terms and phrases people search that help your site show up in search engines, even if it is just on one page of your site. With blogs, you can capitalize on more specific keywords when creating content for each post without overloading your site’s main content with less relevant search terms. You do not need to choose between clear and concise main page content and more detailed keywords and phrases – with blogs you can do both.

5) Save Time on Social Media Content by Cross Posting

When you are regularly posting blogs, it allows you to have premade content that can be cross promoted on your social media accounts, email communications, and other marketing mediums. The other advantage of this is being able to subsequently drive traffic from social media to your blog posts on your website. Your audience needs to be touched with your content several times to stay top of mind, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel!

Having a blog on your website can ultimately help your business reach a new audience and build relationships with your customers. While writing blogs can be time-consuming, the copywriting experts on the Tulip Tree team offer blog writing services so you can focus on running your business while we take care of the writing and uploading. Connect with us today.