3 Reasons You Should Use Company Greeting Cards

Being we’re in the depths of the digital age, physically mailed greeting cards may seem like an unnecessary waste of paper. In fact, why should you use them at all when you can share electronic greeting cards on social media or through an email? Well, the answer might just turn you into a proud supporter of Team Company Greeting Cards.

The Greeting Card Meet & Greet

Before we dive into all the reasons your company should start using them, there is one question we probably should address: what is a greeting card? Technically, a greeting card is any decorative card that is sent with a message of good wishes for a certain event or occasion. So, birthday, anniversary, graduation, get well soon, and sympathy cards all count, but we’re not necessarily saying your company should be sending out cards to everyone for ALL of these occasions (though we bet your customers would appreciate it!).

The key to effective company greeting cards is to be strategic about who you send them to and why. Are you working with a new client or vendor and want to say “We appreciate your business?” Send them a thank you card showing your appreciation. Did one of your existing clients celebrate a milestone? Put a congratulations in the mail. Is there a big holiday around the corner? Create a custom holiday card that reflects your brand and sticks out from all the others likely on display in their office. There are countless opportunities where you could send a greeting card or note card from your business, so only one real question holding you back from joining Team Greeting Cards: why should you use them?

The Benefits of Greeting Cards

Contrary to popular belief, there are many benefits to mailing out physical company greeting cards to your clients, vendors, or even employees that will give your business a leg up in its customer experience management and that of all your business partners. These benefits of greeting cards include:

1. Boosts Your Open Rate

Unlike its digital cousins, the E-card and emails, physical cards are addressed to your receiver individually, sent right to their doorstep, and go straight into their hands. This automatically makes the chance of it being opened and read way higher than any digital alternative which can be ignored or sent to junk mail without thinking twice. Because, no matter the heartfelt and strategic messaging, it won’t do any good unopened.

Did you know: a card with a hand written address has a damn-near 100% open rate. If you’ve got the time and/or manpower, hand-address your cards for extra success!

2. Serves as a Gentle Reminder

As a whole, people are generally far more receptive to greeting cards than other types of mailers because they do not feel as intrusive. Rather than putting yourself in the spotlight with a business mailer showcasing your product or service offerings, greeting cards serve as a gentle and friendly reminder of your business while keeping focus on the receiver. This gentle reminder works because a greeting card’s focus is on sending well wishes or sharing appreciation, not pushing them to consider making a purchase. So, it can help to keep your business top of mind and in a positive light. And who doesn’t like getting personalized mail?

3. Builds Personal Relationships

In any business, your ability to build and maintain relationships is make or break. This is where the greeting cards come in. Unlike other marketing mediums, cards instill a feeling of value and importance to those who receive them, particularly when it has personalized messaging or is a signed card. This lets you build a personal relationship with your receiver, making you more than a logo and a name. By evoking an emotional connection and establishing trust, you can help them see that you are a business that cares and increases their customer loyalty.

Don’t let this marketing opportunity pass you by, greet it with open arms. Come join us as proud members of Team Greeting Cards. If you are not sure where to start, let us lead the way. Talk with our marketing masters and learn how we can help to make sure your company greeting cards will be the perfect mix of strategy and sincerity for your mailing list. In no time, they will be signed, sealed, delivered, and yours to distribute!