Should You Be Using AI in Marketing?

You’ve heard the buzz going around that AI (artificial intelligence) is the future… Don’t worry. This isn’t another spiel on how AI is taking over the world – it’s one on how you can use it to boost your business!

Love it or hate it, AI isn’t going anywhere, so why not make the most of it? Now, we aren’t saying to sit back and let AI drive all of your marketing efforts. But, when you use AI as a tool, it can make content creation easier than ever. Let’s break down the four ways you can use AI in marketing for quick, convenient content creation.

 1. Idea Inspiration

When the creative juices are running low and there is no “Aha!” moment in sight, an AI generator could be the key to finding that much needed inspo. Just like a brainstorming session with your team brings new ideas to the table, an AI idea generator can help get the ball rolling and ideas flowing. It may come up with something you would never think of, sparking the stroke of genius you were looking for.

2. Keyword Generation

Keywords are key (pun intended) to making sure your content has high search engine optimization (SEO) and your business shows up higher on search engines like Google. The process of researching keywords you should be using in your content isn’t a quick one, which is where AI keyword generator tools can come into play.

These AI tools are a great example of how AI in marketing can increase your business’s efficiency while still providing valuable information. They find which words will help to make your business appear higher in the search results by analyzing relevant keywords and their search volume to generate keyword recommendations.  From there, you can include the keywords on your website, blogs, and digital advertising to help your business expand its online reach.

3. Blog Writing

Blogs work wonders for driving new traffic to your website and building trust and credibility with your clients. The downside is they take time to write well, but with AI blogging you can cut down the time it takes. Now, AI writing tools can help write your blogs by coming up with blog topic ideas, writing a blog outline, or even writing the blog for you – but we caution against that last one. While it might sound really convenient not having to do any of the writing, AI is still artificial – meaning the AI blog will probably lack the human spark and have more errors, redundancy, and odd phrasing. We’re not saying don’t use the assist, we’re simply saying make sure to go through it and make revisions to ensure the blog’s readability, accuracy, and tone of voice matches you and your brand to keep your reputation intact.

Regardless of how you use AI writing tools, there is one thing that YOU need to do ensure your blog is accurate to your topic and compliments your business: write a good AI writing prompt. Your robot writing friend needs some direction, and the more specifics you can give, the better chances the blog will be what you are wanting. So, remember to include:

  • Target audience
  • Blog length
  • SEO keywords
  • Blog’s tone
  • Any necessary details

If this is done well, you should have a strong start to writing your blog and save yourself some valuable time.

But wait, is this blog written by AI? Sorry to disappoint, but this AI-inspired blog is 100% human-written.

4. Hashtag Generation

With the sheer amount of content that is posted on social media platforms daily, it is essential that you do what you can to make sure your content is reaching the right audience – and hashtags can help! By using relevant hashtags, you can help your content be found by the right people, increase engagement, and drive traffic to your social media page. So, using an AI hashtag generator, it finds hashtags options that apply to your individual post, your business, your target audience, and the social media platform you are using (Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, etc.).

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Don’t Forget to Humanize AI

Remember, everything AI “knows,” it learns from the internet. AI doesn’t come up with new ideas. It simply compiles information from the far corners of the world-wide-web and delivers it to you with speed and ease. From there, it is up to you to strategically use it to make your business stand out.

So, how do you make AI-generated info your own? You humanize it! Use your personal experience and judgement to determine which parts of the information should be used and how. Don’t forget to rewrite some or add to it to mix in your brand’s personality. In the end, it will reflect your business, so you want it to be accurate and personalized to your company.

Marketing tools only work when you use them strategically – and AI is the same way! When you use AI in marketing to help improve the efficiency of your content creation, it can be great resource to boost your marketing efforts. If you aren’t sure AI is the solution to your marketing needs, reach out to our human team of marketing masters to learn how we can help you reach your marketing goals.