Our Work

Campaign Management

Campaign management involves planning, executing, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing a marketing initiative. Depending on how well a marketing campaign is created, executed, and assessed is what will make a business stand out from the competition. A successful campaign will not only be creative, but thoroughly implemented and evaluated.

What We Did

  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting

Landing Page

The skilled trades industry is the backbone of Rochester Area Builders. We built a landing page with the goal of educating people about the trades, offering information about local job opportunities, and resources to start a skilled trades career.

Social Graphics

From HVAC to engineering to cement layers to architectural drafters – the opportunities within the skilled trades industry are endless. We focused on providing ongoing visuals that complemented the diverse careers available.

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TT.Website.CaseStudy.CampaignManagement.RAB.DigitalAdvertising copy

Digital Advertising

Those seeking information about job openings, training, or higher education, typically start with an internet search. We capitalized on this by creating display ads targeted toward young adults, parents, and those seeking a career change.

The Results

Marketing campaigns can include digital, social media, giveaways, email, print materials, surveys, and more. The purpose is to gain the attention of potential customers about a specific problem that your business can solve. In this case, the campaign messaging conveyed solutions to the shortage in skilled trades workers.